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I spoke too soon. My last post shared a great attempt by the Ultimate Youth Football League to eject a team from their league for adult fighting. I just heard a follow up report on the news last night that reported the league cancelled all their playoff games due to public pressure.

I'm not sure of all the facts but the report left me feeling disappointed. The parents of this beligerent team got their way.
All the teams that did the right thing all season got punished too. What message does this action send?

Coping With High Gas Prices in Youth Sports

With gas prices hovering around 4 dollars a gallon, and the cost of everything, from groceries to restaurants, having a child, or two or three, playing on sports travel team is becoming a luxury many American families can no longer afford.

So what are families doing to save money on the cost of playing on a travel team or to afford playing in a tournament five hundred miles from home? We asked parents in the MomsTeam forums.

Youth Sports Require Commitment of Parent's Time

Not only do youth sports cost a lot of money, they also soak up an incredible amount of time, both yours and your child's. While there are a lot of positives to sports participation, you need to gauge your level of commitment before getting your child seriously involved in any sport.

Sports Strain Family Budget

Often overlooked in the quest to keep youth sports in perspective and balance for your children and your family is the need to keep sports from overwhelming the family budget. Participation in youth sports can be, and often is, expensive. One mother estimated that her family's expenses for her three children at $100,000 over a 10 year period.

Sports Moms: Organization Key To Stress-Free Season

Just getting your kids to all their activities can be exhausting to think about, unless you learn how to organize, prioritize and plan ahead.

Sports Moms: Plan Ahead To Avoid Stress

A failure to be organized can negatively affect the sports experience for everyone in the family - parent and child.

Ways to Save Money On Sports Equipment

With the cost of everything from gas to food going through the roof, now perhaps more than ever parents are looking for ways to save on the cost of sports gear for their child. Here are some simple tips:

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