Raising A Gifted Athlete: Supporting Child's Dream, Knowing Role

What is it like to be the parent of a gifted athlete? Last week I learned a little more when I attended a panel discussion hosted by the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE).

Should Sports be 'Dumbed Down?'

The idea of “dumbed down” sports is a scary concept for some. It can be hard for many adults, especially coaches, to accept. The mere idea of doing so can bring their coaching into question and evoke feelings of hesitation, resistance and fear. Many are often quick to admit, “My dad never ‘dumbed down’ sports for me, and I turned out fine.” However, watch a seasoned coach try to teach a young child without “dumbing down” sports, and they fail miserably. Still, purists claim “dumbed down” sports coaching is anything but natural.

How to Make the Olympic Team

Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member, discusses how to deal with scouting pressure and the process of making the Olympic team.

Training for the Elite Athlete

Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member, says the appropriate amount of sports-specific and strength and conditioning training and the ratio of the two varies depending on the age of the athlete and whether the athlete is in-season or off-season.  

Time Off From Sports Important

Is your child taking a break from sports this summer or, as so many kids do these days, filling up their summer with tournaments, sports camps and showcases? Long-time U.S. Women's National Hockey Team member, and four-time Olympian, Angela Ruggerio says that, even for (and perhaps especially for) elite athletes, taking time off from a sport to rest and maintain motivation is vitally important.

A Lifelong Dream: Attending The Olympic Games

The Olympic creed was first stated by the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and it is as much a cherished ideal today as it was a century ago: "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part."

Early and Late Bloomers in Youth Sports: Lessons for Parents

Some children are early bloomers who enjoy success in sports because they develop faster, not because they have more raw talent. Late bloomers develop more slowly, but may be more gifted athletes. There are advantages and disadvantages for both.

More High School Athletes Turning To Sports Psychologists

More and more teenage athletes are sinking into the couches of sports psychologists, hoping it will save them from mediocrity in a world that values champions. By high school, many teenagers feel they can't handle more than one sport, let alone be ordinary at it. So they go for a psychological edge, hoping to be mentally tweaked into shooting flawless free throws or sinking perfect putts.

Parents of Youth Athletes Need To Be Careful When Dealing with The Media

Every parent enjoys that moment when they open up the newspaper and they find a picture of their athlete child accompanied by a story. Hopefully the story is about what a great kid they are and how hard they have worked to achieve their athletic success

All-Star Team Selection: A Better, Fairer Way?

To say that politics and favoritism are often involved in the selection of all-star teams in youth sports would be an understatement, but making the selection process fairer is easier said than done.

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