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Parenting Elite Athletes

Resist Pressure From Coaches For Early Specialization in Single Sport

Coaches who concentrate on the well-being of their young athletes encourage them to cross-train and enjoy other activities during parts of the year, not threaten them with the loss of a place on the team if they don't drop other sports.

Number of Matches Played Determines Junior Tennis Players’ Risk for Injury, New Study Says

The number of matches in which junior tennis players compete during a tournament directly affects their risk for medical withdrawal during a tournament, significantly increasing after fourth match.

The Road to Recovery

I have had a recent request to continue to post blogs regarding my son, and family's, experiences in the BMX racing world. I am happy, and honored, to do this as writing gives me an outlet that I don't always get in conversation and also because I am simply inspired by my children and what they have given me.

Surfer Mom Rides Waves Of Daughter's Surfing Career

Julie Hurst talks about her daughter, surfer Leila Hurst, and Leila's appearance on the premier episode of "New Pollution," a show that highlights young extreme athletes and their families on Fuel TV.

Preparing High School Student-Athletes for College: Important Role of Parents

Parents can play an important role in helping student-athletes prepare for the academic demands of college by helping them establish good habits, attitudes, and skills while they are still in high school, so that when freshman year arrives, they'll hit the ground running and the academic transition to college will be smoother. Developing habits of healthy eating, getting enough sleep, and taking responsibility for their own well-being while in high school will pay dividends once your teen transitions to college.

Elite Youth Athletes Need Close Monitoring By Parents and Coaches

Many parents and coaches of gifted child athletes entertain dreams of Olympic gold for their young charges. But prudence needs to be taken with elite child athletes, with parents and coaches continually evaluating what is in the best interest of the child. For parents, this means not only paying attention to what the child wants, but also taking responsibility to protect the child from overtraining.

The Campus Visit: Advice for Parents

Visiting college campuses is a great thing for young athletes to do. A recruiting visit is an athlete's one real chance to investigate the school and the team.

Soccer Training Academic Opportunities Around the World, Part 1

Looking for play your favorite game in an exotic location? Teams in Europe, South America and Asia offer fantastic opportunities for soccer players. World-class soccer training programs in Italy, England, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and China have opened their doors to young players looking to hone their soccer skills.

College Recruiting: How Your Child Can Market Himself To College Coaches

Most high school athletes and their parents have never been through the college recruiting process.  Your child can roll the dice and hope the right coaches contact him, or he can grab the bull by the horns and make recruiting work in his favor.  Here's how.

The Costs, the Benefits: Elite Training in China

A visit to China raises questions about training very young children for acrobatics and high-level sports competition. Do the Chinese offer a model Western sports parents want to imitate?  How are their choices different from ours?
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