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The Sport

Glossary of Track and Field Terms

Pins/Spikes- Either term can be used to refer to the small metal implements that are screwed in to the holes in the bottom of the spikes (the shoes). Longer pins/spikes are used for softer track surfaces. Most tracks and track meets have a limit on the length of pins/spikes that are allowed since longer spikes can tear up the track surface.

The Track and Field

The major difference between indoor and outdoor is that the track is half the size. A regulation indoor track has a circumference of 200m as opposed to the 400m outdoor track. Due to this, several events are modified and several others are eliminated for the indoor track program. For more information about indoor track & field, click here [link here to Indoor track & Field article which will be forthcoming.]

Track and Field Events

here are 44 events in the Track & Field competition of an Olympic Games making the sport, by far, the most contested of all Olympic sports. These 44 events can be divided in to their different event areas beginning by separating track events (all of the running and walking events), from field events (all of the throwing and vaulting events). There are also two multi-events, the decathlon and heptathlon, which combine disciplines from both track and field.

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