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Buying Youth Track and Field Equipment

The Equipment

To get started in track & field, all one needs is a decent pair of running shoes which can be purchased either at a chain store that sells athletic equipment, or a specialty running store. At track meets and practices with a youth track club, most of the kids will also have a pair of spikes, which, depending on the age level, may or may not be specifically made for that event. For example, sprint spikes are different in construction from distance spikes, just as high jumping spikes differ from shot putting spikes. Certainly by high school, athletes will have event-specific spikes in addition to their regular running shoes, also known as trainers.

Other equipment is needed for some of the field events. The shot put, discus throw, hammer throw, weight throw, javelin throw and pole vault are all events that involve implements. As athletes get older and more specialized they will prefer to own their own implements. As youngsters getting started, they will probably use the implements provided by the meet or by their coaches.

There are other pieces of equipment needed to conduct practice sessions and competitions such as batons, hurdles, pits and bars. These generally would not be the responsibility of the athlete to provide.

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