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Sports Injury Prevention: Regular Screening By Physical Therapist Recommended

Taking a holistic approach to sports injury prevention, including regular screening by a physical therapist to identify muscle imbalances and/or biomechanical flaws, and prescribe corrective exercises, is critically important to the success of elite athletes, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis.

Overuse Injury: Early Recognition and Treatment Allows Quick Return to Play

Early recognition and treatment of common overuse injuries to growth plates is key to the safe return to play of young athletes says a new study.

Number of Matches Played Determines Junior Tennis Players’ Risk for Injury, New Study Says

The number of matches in which junior tennis players compete during a tournament directly affects their risk for medical withdrawal during a tournament, significantly increasing after fourth match.

Tennis Injuries: Aerobic Warm-Up and Dynamic Stretching Can Help Reduce Risk

Light jogging, dynamic stretching among steps tennis players can take to reduce risk of traumatic and overuse injuries.
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