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Buying Shin Guards

  • Shin guards are mandatory for children playing organized soccer and provide important protection against injury

  • Shin guards vary according to player size and position.

  • They are typically made out of fiberglass, foam rubber, polyurethane, plastic and eva foam/lycra.

  • Look for shin guards that meet the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) standard stamped or labeled with the NOCSAE logo. They will specify which size is correct for a particular sized player, making it easy for players, coaches and officials to differentiate which shin guards are to be worn.

  • Defenders should use thicker, more protective shin guards.

  • Midfielders need a more rounded shin guard, protective but light.

  • Forwards need light shin guards with better ankle protection.

The following guide may be helpful in selecting the right shin guard size.

X-Small: up to a height of 3'9''
Small: up to a height of 4'5''
Medium: up to a height of 5'1''
Large: over 5'2''