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Role Modeling: Kids Whose Parents Wear Helmets Skiing and Snowboarding Will Do The Same

Despite increased helmet use, the number of snow-sports-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) keeps rising, prompting calls by experts to implement a variety of targeted prevention strategies, with a special focus on educating parents about the protective value of helmets and the role modeling effect the parent's use has on their child's decision to wear a helmet.

Shockbox Helmet Sensor Warns Of Possible Concussion

A revolutionary new product called ShockboxTM triggers an alarm on a smart-phone whenever an athlete suffered a blow to the head hard enough to cause possible concussion so the player can be immediately removed from the game or practice for a sideline assessment.

Skiing Safety and Equipment Myths

Taking a family ski vacation over Christmas break? MomsTeam busts the 12 most common misconceptions about skiing safety and equipment.

Getting the Right Fit for Winter Sports And Exercise Equipment

Whether you've laced up the skates, snapped on the skis or buckled up the boots for an afternoon of winter fun, the National Athletic Trainers' Association reminds you to check your equipment to ensure you've got the right fit for outdoor sports and recreational activities.
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