Ski Tips from the Pros

Ski vacations are a great option for a fun, healthy getaway. However, participating in a sport you have little familiarity with, can be frustrating.  Some pro skiiers offer some words of wisdom for those vacationing on the slopes.

Learning to Ski: Is Your Child Ready?

Every child grows and develops at a different pace. Your child is ready to learn to ski if you can answer "yes" to four questions.

Ski Schools: What Should Parents Look For?

Teaching a child to ski isn't like starting her off in softball or soccer. You can't just go out in the backyard and start tossing or kicking a ball around. It is usually in the child's best interest, and well worth the investment, to enroll her in a qualified ski school so she can get proper instruction based on her age and ability, even if you are an experienced skier.
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