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Landmark Week for Our EduKick Players and Families!

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This landmark event kicked off with 17 soccer players arriving in Madrid from our international soccer boarding schools in England, France and Italy.

EduKick Youth TournamentThis elite EduKick International squad played a friendly match against our EduKick Madrid team squad, made up of 18 players. Watching our 35 European soccer boarding school players really brought home how incredible these guys are.

For the first time, we got to see EduKick players from around the world competing against each other, showing off the skills they've been honing in our training programs since September 2008.

We couldn't wait to hear what the FIFA scout would have to say after he saw them in action at the tournament.

After the match, EduKick parents and staff joined us for a grand tour of Madrid:
• Spanish Football Federation Facility, "Ciudad del Futbol"
• Historic downtown Madrid
• Bernabeu Stadium, home of world-famous Real Madrid team!

Madrid Youth Cup Tournament
The first day of the tournament, EduKick International won 2 - 1 against A.D. Henares, a local Madrid team. Unfortunately, EduKick Madrid lost 2 - 1 against C.D. Avance 'A,' the Spanish tournament host team.

On day two, EduKick Madrid came back to defeat A.D. Henares 3 - 1. EduKick International tied 2 - 2 in a high-tension game with C.D. Avance 'A.'

On day three, EduKick International won 4 - 0 against EduKick Madrid.

EduKick International placed third in the tournament out of eight teams, only missing the final match on goal difference. EduKick Madrid finished sixth.

Both teams blew us away, playing with exceptional technical ability and determination throughout the tournament.

FIFA Agent Graham Heydorn, who attended the matches to review EduKick players, was very impressed with the standard of play, technical ability, and knowledge shown by our players.

EduKick Family Reunion - Alcala de Henares Cup & EduKick Directors Meeting

Stand-out players
Uchenna Ibe (Nigerian American), attending EduKick England, scored two important goals.
Mason Hampel (Canadian), attending EduKick France, finished as the top scorer with three goals.

Francisco Vizcaino (American), attending EduKick Madrid, and Marcelos Thomas (Bermudan), who is attending EduKick France, scored the best goals of the tournament.

Martin Garnevski (South African/Bulgarian), attending EduKick Madrid, was the youngest player in the U18 division at only 14 years old! He put up exceptional performances against players three years older and physically much bigger.

Dinner with the Mayor and Real Madrid game!
After the match, EduKick staff, players and parents enjoyed a dinner hosted by the mayor of the village of Alalpardo (location of the EduKick Madrid boarding school residence facility) at the Alalpardo City Hall.

All players were presented with special medals by the mayor of Alalpardo.

Excitement ran high for our EduKick family on the last day. Everyone was eager to see a professional Spanish La Liga game between Real Madrid and Valladolid at the Bernabeu stadium!

80,000 people attended the game, and our EduKick players, staff and families had a fantastic time. The game ended in a 2 - 0 win for Real Madrid.

Thanks again to all our players and families for making this week a world-class success! We look forward to seeing you next year.

- Joey

Language and culture soccer experience of a lifetime.

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