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Men's Lacrosse Stick Materials

Neal Goldman, men's lacrosse brand manager at Brine, discusses the various types of stick materials, from wood to composite, and offeres advice on which type is best for your son.

Buying Lacrosse Sticks: Wide Head for Beginners, Narrower Head for Elite Players

Neal Goldman, Men's Lacrosse brand manager for Brine, says buying the right lacrosse stick for your child depends on his skill level: the tighter or narrower the face or width of the head the more skilled the player should be; beginners need a wider head to make it easier to catch balls and scoop up grounders.

Buying Men's Lacrosse Gear

Neal Goldman, men's lacrosse brand manager at Brine, reviews the necessary pieces of gear for the game of men's lacrosse.

Athletic Fields Are An Overlooked Safety Hazard

One of the biggest hazards in outside field sports, yet often the most overlooked, is the field itself. Because parents can't count on the referee or their child's coach to inspect the field before a game begins to ensure that it is in a playable condition, the best injury prevention strategy is to set up a field detail of parents to do the inspection.

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