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Inline Skating Rules of the Road

Safe skating's a snap when you remember to SLAP!





1. Skate Smart

  • Always wear your protective gear–helmet, wrist protection, elbow pads, knee pads

  • Master the basics–striding, stopping, and turning

  • Keep your equipment in proper working order

2. Skate Legal

  • Obey all traffic regulations. When on skates, you should consider yourself to be subject to the same obligations as a bicyclist or a driver of an automobile

3. Skate Alert

  • Skate under control at all times

  • Watch out for road hazards

  • Avoid water, oil, and sand

  • Avoid traffic

4. Skate Polite

  • Skate on the right, pass on the left

  • Announce your intentions by saying, "passing on your left"

  • Always yield to pedestrians