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Ice Hockey Skills


The act of moving on skates. This includes backwards skating, cross-overs, transitioning from forward to backward skating, and making sharp turns.


The act of pushing the puck with the stick in an attempt to score a goal. There are numerous types of shots, which include wrist shots, backhand shots, slap and snap shots.


The act of passing the puck, either forwards or backwards, to another player. Passing to a player while he or she is on the move towards the opposing team's goal is called "head manning the puck."


The act of stopping forwards or backwards movement.


The act of preventing the puck from crossing the goal-line by any legal means possible: catching the puck in the catching glove, blocking the puck with the blocking stick, smothering the puck with the body, or redirecting the puck away from goal with any part of the body. A goalie whom prevents a shot on goal from going across the goal line is said to have made a "save". A shot blocked with the stick is called a "stick save", with the pads, a "pad save" etc.