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Ice Hockey Glossary Of Terms

Attacking Zone

The zone where the opponent's goal is located

Back Check

Checking an opponent while skating backwards towards one's own goal

Back Pass

A pass back to a teammate trailing the play.

Blue Line

The blue line dividing center ice (neutral zone) from the end zones

Blind Pass

A pass to a teammate who is blocked, or partially blocked, from the player's view


A minor penalty called when a player intentionally slams another player into the boards


The wooden wall surrounding the rink that keeps the puck in play

Body Check

To hit an opponent with your body, to block him or take him out of the play


When a player is clear of the defense and can go towards goal unimpeded (also called a fast break)

Butt Ending

A major penalty called when a player hits his opponent with the butt end of the shaft of his hockey stick


The center or middle player on the forward line of a hockey team

Center Ice

The neutral area between the two blue lines

Center Line

The red stripe that extends across the ice, midway between the two goals


A minor penalty called when a player takes more than two steps before checking an opponent


Using body contact to prevent an opposing player from gaining an advantageous position on the ice

Clearing the puck

Getting the puck away from the area near your own goal; on a power play, sending the puck out of your own defensive zone


A 4 foot by 8 foot area in front of each goal in which opposing players may not stand unless they have the puck

Cross Checking

A minor penalty called when a player drives the shaft of his stick into an opponent while holding on to the stick with both hands


The two players who play in front of the goaltender and attempt to keep opposing players from getting close-in shots on the goal


A deceptive move or fake used to get around an opponent

Delay Of Game

A minor penalty called when a player deliberately delays the game, either by shooting the puck out of the rink in his defensive zone or by covering up the puck with his closed hand.?Also called when a player is found to be using an illegal stick.

Delayed Penalty

A penalty that has not yet resulted in a stoppage of play because the team that will have the man advantage is in possession of the puck.?Play continues until the team being penalized touches the puck.?If a goal is scored before play stops, the penalty is waived off.

Drop Pass

A pass where the player carrying the puck at top speed towards an opponent's goal suddenly leaves it motionless for a trailing teammate to either shoot on goal or continue the attack


A minor penalty called when a player strikes an opponent with his elbow

Face Off

When the referee drops the puck between two opposing players to start or resume the game after a stoppage in play


A major penalty called when players drop their gloves and engage in a fist fight

Flip Pass

A pass to a teammate where the puck is lifted slightly off the ice


When a offensive player checks an opponent in his own end in order to take the puck away to continue the attack and prevent them from moving up ice towards their goal


The three players on the offensive line (center and two wings) who are expected to score most of a team’s goals

Freezing the puck

To pin the puck against the boards with either your skate, stick or body to cause a stoppage in play resulting in a face off.

Goal cage

Another name for the net or goal


The player who guards the goal, also called the goalie or netminder

Game Misconduct

A penalty resulting in the player being suspended for the remainder of the game

Goal Line

The red stripe at each end of the rink extending from each of the side boards.

Hat Trick

Three goals scored by a player in one game

Head manning the puck

 Passing to a teammate moving up the ice ahead of the player making the pass

High Sticking

A minor penalty called when a player carries his or her stick above their shoulder, or hits an opponent with it, whether unintentionally or intentionally

Hip Check

A legal check where a player sticks out his hip to check an opposing player


A minor penalty called when a player uses his or her hands to hold an opponent or their stick


A minor penalty called when a player uses the blade of his stick to grab or impede an opponent's progress from behind

Hoisting the puck

Lifting the puck off the ice by flipping it with the blade of the stick


A non-penalty infraction called when a player shoots or passes the puck from his team's side of the center line across the opponent’s goal line without the puck being touched by a player from his team or the opponent’s


A minor penalty called when a player checks an opponent who is not in possession of the puck

Kick Shot

An illegal shot where the player kicks the blade of his stick as it carries the puck

Killing A Penalty

When a team survives a penalty without giving up a goal


The three forwards on the ice (center and two wings)

Major Penalty

A five minute penalty

Match Penalty

A penalty resulting in a player's suspension for the remainder of the game

Matching Penalties

Penalties given to players from each team at the same time

Minor Penalty

A two minute penalty

Misconduct Penalty

A ten-minute penalty against a player, not the team (?unlike a minor penalty, the team does not play a man down or “shorthanded?

Neutral Zone

The area between the two blue lines in the center of the ice (also called center ice)

Odd Man Rush

When the number of offensive players heading into the attacking zone is greater than the number of defenders (such as a ? on 2?or ? on 1?


A non-penalty infraction called when either (a) a player enters the attacking zone ahead of the puck, or (b) a player receives a pass over two lines, either the blue or red line (a “two line pass?.?In either case, the linesman whistles the play offside and stops play for a face-off outside of the guilty team's attacking zone.?It is the position of the player's skates that determines whether he is offside: only if both skates have completely crossed the line in question (red or blue) is that player judged to be in the zone.

Pass Out

A pass from a player behind the opponent's goal to a teammate in front of the goal

Penalty Box

The bench outside the playing area where penalized players go to serve their penalty time.?Colloquially referred to sometimes as the “sin bin.?/p>

Penalty Shot

A rare, but exciting play, in which a player is given a free shot at goal, with only the goalie defending.?Usually called when a player is hit or tripped from behind when she has a clear breakaway.

Poke check

A legal check where a player pokes or jabs with her stick at the puck in possession of an opponent in order to dislodge it and take it away

Power play

When a team has a one or two man advantage due to penalties, giving them a good chance to score


The hard vulcanized rubber disc that players try to shoot past the goalie for a goal.

Puck shy

When a player flinches away from the puck

Ragging The Puck

When a player kills of penalty time against his time by circling back towards his own goal while in possession of the puck

Red Light

The light behind each goal that a goal judge activates to signify a goal (in other words that the entire puck has crossed the goal line inside the goal posts).


The playing surface of ice


A minor penalty called for unnecessary rough play


A blocked shot by the goalie, preventing what would otherwise be a goal

Shorthanded Goal

A goal scored by a team while it is playing shorthanded due to a penalty


The period of time a particular forward or defensive line is on the ice

Slap Shot

A hard shot in which player takes a big swing before hitting the puck with the blade of his stick


A minor penalty called when a player swings his stick at an opponent


A major penalty called when a player jabs the blade of his stick at an opponent


Controlling and moving the puck along the ice

Sweep check

A legal check where a player goes down on one knee and sweeps his stick along the ice in order to take the puck away from an attacking player


A minor penalty called when a player pulls down an opponent with his stick or hand or by sticking out his leg.


A forward who lines up near the middle of the rink, and to either side of the center

Wrist Shot

A quick, accurate shot made by snapping the wrists as the puck hits the blade of the stick


The machine that is used to prepare a new “sheet?of ice before a game or between periods