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How To Buy Football Shoes


  • Detachable cleats use studs that can be removed and replaced to fit field conditions on all types of grass--hard and dry or wet and sloppy.

  • Their versatility makes detachable cleats preferable if you primarily play on grass.

  • With a wrench and replacement cleats, you can easily customize your shoes.

  • You can choose shorter studs for a hard, dry surface and longer studs when you play on a wet, sloppy field.

Shoe Materials

The shoe's upper portion usually is made from either a leather or synthetic material.


  • Leather breathes well, which helps keep your feet more comfortable, and is generally more flexible, a big plus in both comfort and function.

  • Leather is very durable.

  • Leather shoes are generally more expensive.


  • Usually less expensive than leather.

  • Synthetics won't give you the breath-ability and durability of leather.

  • Most shoes use synthetic materials somewhere, especially to provide reinforcement or support in the forefoot, mid-foot and ankle.

Football Shoe Accessories

There are a number of cleat accessories to consider in order to protect your investment and to ensure the best performance.

  • Buy some extra laces to avoid the frustration of trying to tie a broken lace together in the car or during a game.

  • Consider applying protection to the cleats, especially leather. Mink oil conditions the leather so it's softer and more comfortable and it also protects from rain, snow, sun, and keeps water out.

  • Buy replacement cleats in a variety of sizes and make sure you have a cleat wrench to remove and replace cleats, if you buy a shoe with detachable cleats.

  • Replacement cleats generally run in 1/2-, 5/8-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes. Having all four sizes gives you more options for different field conditions.

Determine Your Child's Cleat Size

  • Determining proper shoe size is essential to a comfortable fit for football cleats.

  • Don't assume their shoe size is the same as it is with other shoes.

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