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Choosing a Youth Hockey Stick

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Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member, three time Olympian, and MomsTeam Ice Hockey expert says that the stick is the most important piece of equipment for youth hockey.  In choosing the right stick parents should consider:

  1. Length: Have your child stand on his or her tippy toes (to approximate the height while on skates).  The stick should come up approximately as far as the child's chin. Defensemen's sticks are usually 2 to 3 inches longer (for poke-checking) than forwards (who want the greater stick handling characteristics of a shorter stick).

  2. Flex.  Look at the flex number (which appears on the front panel of the stick). For younger kids, look for sticks with a a lower flex number (55 to 65); for older kids, sticks with high flex numbers (85-100) are appropriate.

  3. Curve: Hockey sticks are named after NHL players and mimic the curve of their sticks. Forwards' sticks usually have more curve than defensemen's.

  4. Overall feel: The right stick for your child is largely a matter of individual preference. have your child try out the stick. Choose a stick that has the right weight and feel for your child.