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High School Sports: 2008 Track and Field Rule Changes

2-3-2 new, 2-3-3 delete: Addresses that meet results may be corrected at any time when a participant, who has been disqualified from further participation in the meet, has participated and scored points. Article 2-3-3, regarding the opportunity to correct the score when an ineligible athlete participates, is deleted as new Rule 2-3-2 will now address.

Rationale: The correcting of the score due to an error of permitting a disqualified contestant to participate had not previously been addressed. This change will cover correction of the score due to use of disqualified contestant due to conduct during the meet and/or one who should not have participated in the meet at any time.

3-2-4g: Determines that the games committee now has the authority to designate specific areas where coaches may observe and confer with competitors during competition.

Rationale: Designating specific areas where coaches may confer with competitors will assist coaches and meet administration especially when a venue may be located away from the track.

4-3-1d(1): Specifies that a school name or insignia may be worn on an undergarment providing it is not larger than 2 1/4 square inches with no dimension more than 2 1/4 inches. Further, clarifies that if more than one visible garment is worn under a uniform top/bottom, all such garments worn under the uniform piece shall be the same, single solid color.

Rationale: The rule previously did not address if the school insignia could be placed on an undergarment and be considered legal. This change clarifies that school identification is permitted. The change also clarifies that multiple visible garments worn under the uniform top or bottom must be the same color under that piece of uniform.

6-5-4: Reverts back to the measurement of a standard (international)- length stopboard of 4 feet, rather than converting to a shorter stopboard for the 34.92-degree sector in the shot put. The NOTE has been deleted as the 4-feet length is standard for this item.

Rationale: Manufacturers are not making a stopboard for the 34.92-degree sector. The longer stopboard is consistent with the use of this same throwing sector in other rules codes as well. It is not necessary to have high schools purchase a custom stopboard. This eliminates any need for change and cost to schools.

7-5-29b: Deletes that it is a foul if a competitor in the pole vault is to leave the ground without breaking the plane.

Rationale: Pole vaulters will be able to abort what might be a bad attempt and still have the opportunity within the prescribed time limit to execute another attempt. This change now judges all vertical jumps the same in regard to aborted attempts and trials.

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