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Football 101

Special Teams

  • Punter: Punters typically come in on fourth down to take a direct snap from the center and kick or punt the ball down field in order to force the opposing team to start their next offensive series of plays further away from their goal line.(Note: there are no punts in games involving the youngest players).
  • Punt Returner: Punt returners catch a punted ball and either call for a "fair catch" (in which case the ball, assuming it is caught is placed at the spot of the catch) or receive the ball and run with it towards the opposing team's end zone.
  • Long Snapper: Long snappers play in the center's position and make long, accurate hikes towards the holders (on field goal or extra point attempts) or punters.
  • Holder: The holder catches snaps from the long snapper and holds it so that it may be kicked for a field goal or extra point by the place kicker.
  • Place-kicker: Place-kickers kick the ball on field goal attempts, kickoffs (at the beginning of each half, after touchdowns or field goals), or extra point attempts.
  • Kick Returner: Kick returners catch the opposing team's kickoff (or punt) and attempt to advance with the ball towards the other team's end zone.
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