Family Bike Rides: Keeping Them Fun and Safe

May is National Bike Month.  While family bike rides are a lot of fun, they can be a bit nerve-racking, because kids are sometimes uncoordinated and unpredictable. Here are a few tips to make your family bike rides more fun, while keeping everyone safe.

Road Rash: Cycling Fact of Life

A common saying in the cycling world is "It's not if you're going to crash, but when." Crashing is just part of cycling. Experience, skill and some luck can certainly help cyclists avoid crashes, but at some point, if you're riding your bike, you're going to crash. And when you do you are going to get road rash, abrasions from falling off your bike and making contact with the pavement or some other surface.

Bike Buying and Injury Prevention Tips

Spring has sprung, and bike riding season is in full swing. Celebrate National Bike Month (May) by learning how to enjoy this great, low-impact way for you and your kids to stay active and get around, without the risk of injury.

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