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EduKick International Soccer Boarding School: A Mom's Perspective

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Making the decision to send a child overseas can be tough, but as one mother found out, it could be one of the best decisions that you make.

Fran Stone made the decision to let her 15-year-old son, Jared, travel to England for six months, where he attended EduKick's half-year international soccer boarding school in Bolton, England.

"Obviously, it was a tough decision, as he was only 15 and I missed him terribly," said Fran.

However, Fran's decision gave Jared the opportunity to study, travel, and hone his soccer skills with some of the best coaches available. He left in January to travel to Bolton, where he lived with a host family.

"It was a truly wonderful experience for him," Fran said. "Jared is very passionate about soccer and went on this experience mostly for the soccer, but I think he also gained some great life experiences along the way."

Fran also felt secure with the knowledge that Jared was in good hands, not just with his host family, but with EduKick as well.

"All of the people we dealt with through EduKick were very professional and cared greatly about the kids," she said. "We never had any worries about supervision. The program is very professionally run, and the level of training that Jared received was top-notch. He really enjoyed the training."

In addition to world-class training, EduKick helped Jared make soccer contacts through the club, and the coaches were helpful at getting the students trials with professional clubs in the area.

"My favorite part would have to be training every day, and getting scouted by Preston North End and Bolton Wanderers, especially since I only just turned 16," said Jared of his time in England. "As a player, I have grown, tactical and ability-wise."

Fran agrees that Jared has grown, but she sees more than just his soccer skills improving.

"Jared has always been mature for his age, and I think this experience has just added to that. I have seen him grow during his time away. He is very independent, confident and very appreciative of the opportunity given to him. He has made some wonderful friends that I know he will continue to keep in touch with.

"I have no regrets about sending Jared on this program. It turned out to be such a great experience. He came back just as passionate about the sport and with definite goals in mind for his future. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone considering it. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Help your child take their game to the next level, and gain newfound confidence and maturity with the language and soccer culture experience of a lifetime.

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