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Bicycling (Mountain)

Crashing A Bike: Right Way and Wrong Way

Your child's natural reaction in a bike crash is to holding her hand out to cushion her fall, but it's the exactly the wrong way to fall, says two-time Olympic track cyclist, Erin Mirabella.

Bike Crashes: Checklist for Cycling Parents

Bike crashes are part of cycling, whether it be BMX biking, road racing, or track cycling.  Two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom, Erin Mirabella, says parents should do six things after their child falls off their bike.

Cycling: Don't Let a Sore Butt Keep You Off the Bike

You've dusted off your bike and gone out with your kids for your first family ride of the season, but now your butt hurts.  I wish I could promise that, after you been riding a few more times, your butt will stop hurting,  but I can't.  I can promise, however, that it will get better, and that there are some things you can do for a sore butt and some of the other minor, but often painful, problems you may experience from recreational/fitness cycling.

Risks And Types Of Bicycling Injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over 500,000 persons suffer bicycle-related injuries serious enough to require hospital emergency room treatment each year.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Purchasing a bike helmet and getting your child to wear it on each ride is one of the most important things you can do for your growing child. Like childproofing your home or making sure she is buckled into a car safety seat, making bike helmet use a habit is a critical safety measure.

Tips On Buying Bike Helmets

Here are what experts, including the Consumer Federation of America?s child safety website, recommend when buying a bike helmet for your child...

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