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Sparkle Gear Fundraising for Teams, Schools, Clubs and Non-Profits


Sparkle Gear provides a unique and highly profitable opportunity to engage the people who will most actively support your youth sports organization: the Moms!

Sparkle Gear t- shirt

Sparkle Gear's custom rhinestone bling shirts, hats, bags, totes, car decals and accessories will be worn to every game, match and event. The stands will sparkle with your team logo and your player's names. Sparkle Gear's great products provide lasting enjoyment to your supporters, and continuous visibility for your organization.

Sparkle Gear Fundraising Program Highlights

  • Sparkle Gear has hundreds designs to start with and customize for your team, club, or organization. Sparkle Gear will also create custom designs for you and your group. Visit Sparkle Gear's Design Gallery for ideas.
  • Choose gem colors that match your team colors. Customize how you want your team or organization name and logo to appear. Decide if you want to include player names, numbers or your own message.
  • Select the apparel and accessory items you want to offer with your design. Rhinestone bling shirts, sweatshirts, hats, car decals, totes, key chains are just some of the options.
  • You can offer the items to your supporters directly, and...
  • You also have the additional option to offer your items through the Sparkle Gear web store. This means you can send your fans, friends and supporters to your branded web page where they can make size and color selections, and personalize their items. Your items can be available year round. Your items can be available to people who may not be able to contact your in person.
Sparkle Gear bag

Sparkle Gear has hundreds of designs from which to choose:

  1. Available sports designs include: Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheer, Dance, Equestrian, Fastpitch, Football, Golf, Gymnastics,Hockey, Karate, Lacrosse, Rowing, Running, Slowpitch, Soccer, Softball, Swim, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling and more.
  2. Dozens of ready to use bling mascots available, or let us customize one for you.
  3. Customize with your team colors, team names, player names, etc.

For more information contact Sparkle Gear:

Website: www.sparkle-gear.com and www.sparkle-gear.com/fundraising. 

E-mail: info@sparkle-gear.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SparkleGear