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Psychological Factors Play Important Role In Successful Return To Sport After Injury

A growing body of evidence suggests that psychological factors play an important role in determining whether an athlete makes a successful return to sport following injury, finds a new study.

Return to Play Criteria Designed To Minimize Risk of Re-Injury

Return to sports after an injury is a stepwise process, says Eric Laudano, M.H.S., ATC, head athletic trainer at the University of Pennsylvania, designed to minimize the chances of re-injury.

Knowing When Athlete Psychologically Ready To Return To Play

In determining when an athlete is ready psychologically ready to return to play, communication between the athlete and the athletic training staff, coaches, parents is critical.

Return to Play: Psychological Readiness Just As Important

An athlete's psychological readiness is just as important for a return to sports as their physical recovery from injury, says Eric Laudano, head athletic trainer at the University of Pennsylvania, especially for long-term injuries.

Many Doctors Allow Youth Athletes To Return To Play In Pain, Study Finds

Nearly half of Canadian doctors and physical therapists surveyed were willing to return a child to sport even if they were experiencing more than minimal pain, a new study finds.

ACL Injury Epidemic, Early Specialization, Year-Round Play May Be Linked

The alarming increase in the number of younger children and adolescents suffering ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries playing sports, particularly among girls, may be the by-product of the trend towards early specialization and year-round play in a single sport.
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