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ACL Failure Risk Increased in Young Patients Using Allografts

Young athletes perform much better after reconstructive surgery on a torn ACL using allografts (tissue from a cadaver) versus autografts (the patient's own tissue), a first-ever study finds.

Rehabilitation After ACL Reconstruction: Clinical Guidelines Found Safe And Effective

A review of studies evaluating various therapies utilized in rehabilitation from anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery provides additional support for guidelines issued by a multi-center group of 20 clinicians in 2001 (dubbed the MOON guidelines, and establishes that most have a sound basis in science.

Female Teen Soccer Players In Neuromuscular Training Program Cut ACL Injury Risk By Two-Thirds

Female adolescent soccer players who followed a 15-minute neuromuscular warm-up program twice a week in training over the course of a season experienced a 64% reduction in the rate of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury compared to players who did not follow such a program, according to a 2012 Swedish study.

Goals of ACL Surgery: Avoid Arthritic Changes and Need for More Surgery

ACL tears occur in a variety of sports, says Lyle Micheli, M.D., Director, Division of Sports Medicine at Children's Hospital Boston, and require surgical repair as soon as possible to avoid the arthritic changes associated with a delay in reconstructive surgery and, hopefully, the need for more surgery later.  While a failure rate of 20% is not uncommon, the failure rate at Children's is much lower, around 5%.

Kids Who Delay ACL Reconstructive Surgery At Increased Risk of Other Knee Injuries

Young athletes who delay ACL reconstructive surgery more than 150 days after injury experience higher rates of other kinds of knee injuries, including medial meniscal tears, say a 2012 study.

Surgery For Torn ACL Requires Ligament Replacement

Surgical repair of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), says Lyle Micheli, M.D., Director, Division of Sports Medicine at Children's Hospital Boston, is "big surgery" requiring replacement of the ACL and lengthy rehabilitation before return to sports.

Less Than 50% Return To Sport At Pre-Injury Level After ACL Surgery

Less than half of athletes return to their pre-injury level or to competitive sports in the period 2 to 7 years after ACL reconstruction surgery, although younger athletes return at a higher rate.  Return to sport at 12 months was not predictive of participation at the pre-injury level in the medium term, reports a new Australian study.

Males At Increased Risk Of Osteoarthritis After ACL Injuries

Male athletes are at increased risk of cartilage lesions in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)-injured knees, placing them at higher risk of developing the debilitating joint condition osteoarthritis (OA), says a new study presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's 2011 Annual Meeting in San Diego.  A delay to reconstructive surgery did not increase the risk of developing full-thickness cartilage lesions, as long as surgery occurred within 12 months of injury. 

A Year After ACL Reconstructive Surgery Two Thirds of Athletes Have Not Returned To Sports, Study Finds

A new Australian study appears to pour cold water on the widely held belief that most athletes can return to their pre-injury level of competition within 12 months after reconstructive surgery to repair an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear.  Instead, fully two-thirds of the athletes studied were found not to have returned to their pre-injury level of competition one year after surgery.

Return to Play After ACL Surgery: How Parents Can Help

The period between the end of physical therapy and the start of sports-specific conditioning is a critical time frame for young athletes after an an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear or rupture, reconstructive surgery, and months of rehabilitation.
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