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Pride, Spirit and Fundraiser Profits

Promote Your Organization and Earn Money With Stickyfan.com

Those of us who are involved in youth sports know it’s rewarding, but it can also be taxing and time-consuming.  That’s why a new program from sports graphics provider, Stickyfan.com, caught our eye. Car decals are a neat way to show off pride and spirit and promote your organization.  If you are planning to provide car decals to your members and fans, or if you are a school, league or club looking for a low-touch fundraiser that doesn’t require a lot of your time, and zero up-front money, this is a program worth looking into.

The new fundraiser is called the Stickyfan.com Pre-sell Program and we found it to be about as simple and hands-off as it gets.  The basic premise is you offer personalized car decals using Stickyfan.com’s unique online system.  Your members and fans buy directly from Stickyfan.com, online.  The price, which is set by you, includes a healthy fundraiser profit - up to $5 per decal.  After all the orders have been placed, Stickyfan.com ships the decals to you in a bulk pack with a buyer list so you can distribute them to purchasers. Stickyfan.com then sends you the fundraiser profits by your choice of check or direct deposit.  For your part, you communicate the decal offer to members and fans by email.  It's also simple to post on Facebook and Twitter.  You are also responsible for handing out the decals to buyers when they arrive. That's it.

“This program was better than I could have imagined,” explained Jerry Woodin, President of Southridge Youth Football in Beaverton, Oregon.  His club, with about 120 players, used the Pre-sell Program to earn $460 in just a few weeks.  “It went very smoothly for our first time andI’m sure next year will be even better.  We will do this every year.”

The program seems simple and manageable and it appears Stickyfan.com has put a lot of effort into making it painless for leagues and schools. Here are a few features worth noting:

  • Set Your Own Selling Price.  When you setup your offer you will see the decal cost.  From there you simply add the fundraiser profit amount you want to earn from each sale.  For example, if you estimate you will sell 100 4" decals, your cost is $3.00 per decal.  You then add your fundraiser profit, let’s say $4.  That makes your selling price $7.00.
  • Personalized Decals.  One of the really neat features is the option to add player name and/or number or other messages onto the printed decal.   Buyers type in their message during checkout which eliminates spelling errors.
  • Decal Quality. Stickyfan.com provides full-color decals made with five-year vinyl and laminated with a UV-resistant clear coating that keeps the product looking great for years in all weather conditions.
  • Summary Page. Stickyfan.com offers a website where you can track your sales, see a list of buyers and what product they purchased, plus a complete financial break-down that shows how much you have earned in fundraiser profits.
  • Daily Summary Email.  Stickyfan.com also sends you a daily email with a quick snapshot of sales-to-date. This makes it really quick and easy to see how the fundraiser is going and allows you to react accordingly.   For example, if sales aren't meeting expectations, you can send out reminder communications.
  • Sorted Shipments.  Stickyfan.com can sort the shipment by team or coach so when the decals arrive you simply hand a packet to each coach, who in turn hands them out to individual players or parents. This is a real time-saver.

The Stickyfan.com Pre-sell Program is a sure-fire way to raise money for your organization. What’s especially nice is you don’t have to spend any up-front money and Stickyfan.com will do most of the work for you.   So, if you are looking for a simple way to raise money, with no up-front investment and a great looking product call or visit Stickyfan.com to learn more.   Learn More.