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Playing from the Same Playbook on Concussions

Because the signs and symptoms of concussions are not obvious as a broken leg or a sprained ankle and are often very subtle, because the vast majority don't involve a loss of consciousness, and because self-reporting by athletes is critical to the detection and treatment of concussions, the only way parents can sit in the stands without worrying sick about what might happen if their son or daughter suffers a concussion is if they know they and their child's program takes concussions very seriously and that every member of the team is using the same playbook.

For the past eleven years, MomsTeam has been the pioneer on the Web in providing comprehensive concussion information to sports parents. Our Concussion Safety Center will continue to provide the latest information on concussions and a forum where everyone with a stake in concussion education and management - parents, including parents of children who have died from second impact syndrome or suffered lifetime impairment from repeated concussions, athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, clinicians, and sports safety equipment manufacturers - can meet to exchange ideas and information and share concerns.

Together, we can reduce the number of concussions and make sure that we are doing everything possible to give our children the brightest possible future free of the lingering effects of traumatic brain injury.


To watch a video introduction to MomsTeam and its concussion center, click on the arrow above.

-- Brooke de Lench, Founder and Editor-in-Chief