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Elbow Position Does Not Predict Injury in Baseball Pitchers

Elbow position alone appeared to not affect injury rates and performance in college-level, male pitchers, says a new study.

Stretching Reduces Risk of Shoulder Injuries In Young Pitchers

A big difference between the forward range of motion of the throwing and non-throwing shoulder increases injury risk.  Here is a simple test to identify such difference and a stretching exercise to keep the shoulder balanced.

Proper Throwing Mechanics Reduce Injury Risk to Young Pitchers

Poor pitching mechanics can put additional stress on a young arm and increase the risk of injury, experts say.

Youth Baseball Pitching: Teaching Proper Mechanics Critical

One of the best ways to protect against arm injuries in youth baseball and maximize your child's natural ability is to teach proper pitching mechanics at as early an age as possible. Teaching your child about pitching mechanics doesn't need to be complicated, and it doesn't need to be too technical, but you and your child must be willing to commit enough time to understand the entire process, step by step.

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