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MomsTeam & Clif Kids Photo Contest

Our Contest has officially ended.

If you submitted a photograph you should receive your shipment of two (2) boxes of Clif Kid™ Organic ZBaR™ products as part of the MomsTeam.com re-launch promotion contest in which we partnered with Clif Kid to provide the prizes by July 15, 2008

First, a huge thank you to all of our friends who participated in our relaunch Maine Vacation and Photo contests during the past few weeks. We have received lots of positive feedback and many wonderful photographs which we hope to use on the new MomsTeam.com website.

For security reasons we have adopted a new policy as of July 1, 2008, that states we will no longer print any photographs on our web site unless they are either, 1) royalty free photographs that have been purchased from a reputable stock photo company or 2) they have been photographed by our staff or another photographer and the appropriate photo release forms have been signed by the child’s legal guardian.

We received many team photographs and photographs with two or more friends of the submitter that would look great on the MomsTeam website, however since we did not have permission from all of the team member’s parents or legal guardians on the team we will not be able to publish them.

If your child’s photograph has been selected for submission to the MomsTeam website we will send you a private message asking you to sign a permission and release form. You can retrieve the message by logging onto MomsTeam.com after July 9th. Once on the home page you will see an alert below the colored tabs that read: You have a private message. Next, click on the link and retrieve your message.

In closing, all of us at MomsTeam.com thank you very much for participating in our contest and want each of you to know that MomsTeam will not share any of your confidential information with any other parties now that the contest has officially ended.

Please Direct any Questions to info@momsteam.com