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Our New Site Is Live!

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the newly designed MomsTeam website. As we get ready to celebrate our eleventh anniversary later this month we wanted to let you know about some important features of our new design.

What you may notice first is that our "team huddle around the red morphed ball" logo has been retired.  We wanted our new logo to represent a passing of the old to the new. Our highly talented designers came up with a passing the baton concept, and after considering a lot of designs, we ultimately decided on one desiged to represent hands passing a ball (if you look closely at the space between the two "hands," you can see that it is in the shape of a ball). This is because, as we begin our twelfth year, MomsTeam will be focusing more on our connections and the teamwork that makes MomsTeam possible. MomsTeam new logo

Displayed across the top of our new home page are photographs of our Team of Experts. Many have been a vital and integral part of MomsTeam since we launched back in August 2000, but we also have many new experts who have just joined our team. Whether new or old we cherish their wisdom and their ability to provide sports parents and coaches with an abundance of interesting, educational and many times life-saving information. To give them the prominence they deserve, we felt they needed to be introduced to each of you in a better format. When you run your mouse over a photograph, the image turns from black and white to color.  Clicking on the photo or the expert's name will send you to their page, which displays their full biography and features their articles and expert tips.  We are very proud of our experts.  They are truly the dream-team for all sports parents and coaches.

The next major enhancement you will notice is that we have given you the ability to navigate quickly and more efficiently to find the information you are looking for. All of our "Channels", along with the centers within each channel, are now listed on the left side of the home page.

Instead of featuring just one article at a time and providing a short list of new articles, we have also opened up the home page so we can  feature more of our more than three thousand articles, blogs and videos, not only by our experts and staff writers but by guest contributors as well.  We want to make our site as inclusive as possible, so, if you write about nutrition, health & safety, sports, sports parenting issues or anything else that sports parents and coaches would find useful, please send your submission to editors@momsteam.com and we will try to post it. MomsTeam new home page

As we roll out many more features, including a new blog center, we will let you know. In the meantime, please help us get the word out to all your sports parent friends by sending them a link to MomsTeam or sharing or "liking" us on your favorite social media sites. And, if you have any suggestions, comments, praise, or criticisms, please send them directly to me at delench@momsteam.com.

We are proud to have earned our reputation as the trusted source for sports parents. But we know that, together, MomsTeam can do even more to fulfill our original and continued mission: to make youth sports safer, saner, less stressful, and more inclusive.