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Impakt Protective Inc.

Impakt Protective Inc. is an innovative sports safety company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and the maker of a revolutionary new sports safety product - the Shockox wireless impact sensor - which has been awarded MomsTeam's Seal of Approval.

Once attached to a player's helmet (a hockey version is available now, versions for football, lacrosse, and ski and snowboard helmets will be introduced in 2012) The ShockboxTM sensor measures the G-Force of a hit to the helmet from any direction, and then sends the data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the athletic trainer, coach or parent's smart phone to alert them when the athlete suffers a traumatic head impact that may be concussive so they can be removed from the game or practice for evaluation on the sideline using standard concussion assessment tools, such as the Standardized Assessment of Concussion, Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT2) or King-Devick test.


Incorporated in 2010, Impakt is a privately-held, high-tech sensor company located in Ottawa, Canada co-owned by Danny Crossman and Scott Clark. A former Army bomb disposal officer and business development executive, Crossman has been instrumental in the development of numerous life-saving technologies, including the bomb suit featured in the Oscar-winning movie, The Hurt Locker, Advanced Combat Helmet impact pads, roadside bomb jammers used by the United States Marine Corp, and, most recently, helmet impact sensors used by U.S. Army and USMC to help detect traumatic brain injury (TBI) in deployed soldiers and Marines. Scott Clark is an active hockey player, coach and hockey Dad, and a former software high tech executive with experience in e-Commerce and Quality Assurance.

To learn more visit http://impaktprotective.com/