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Craig sigl

Craig is fiercely committed to guiding young athletes to achieve Mental Toughness and Peak Performance and give them a repeatable success formula for sports and all areas of their life. A former Fortune 500 manager, he has coached and trained adults and youth for over 30 years.

He has worked with parents who have been at a loss on ways to help their child perform up to his/her potential. Young athletes and their parents say remarkable things about the impact his work has had on their lives and sport success.

Craig is the parent of two athletic boys, lives everything he teaches, and regularly plays his favorite sports developing new methods. He has been featured on NBC’s Evening Show on TV, written about in major newspapers, and interviewed on numerous radio programs. He has over 2000 clients all over the world for his programs and services, but he is most proud when his young athlete clients write to him about how the work has positively changed their life.