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Anyone been accused of being negligent?

My son (13) rides a scooter. He fractured his finger at the lowest nuckle 3 weeks ago, so he's of course in a cast. The 1st week after the injury, he laid low and moped around the house complaining of boredom. At the end of that week, he told me he was going to the park~ low and behold, he took his scooter with him. As his mother, I just shook my head thinking boys will be boys/ kids will be kids.

He started out going easy, now he's going off the ramps again. My thought is that he knows his limits, and heck~ he's got extra protection on that hand/ wrist right now... or am I completely in the wrong???

I've now got someone screaming the words negligence and social services my way. In my head, my son is having absolutely no pain from this, so why should he be confined to sitting in front of the TV? But if I AM in the wrong or being negligent, then I want to know.

Parents of other sports-driven kids seem a better source for valid opinions on this matter~ I'd greatly appreciate any! Thanks:)