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I am so glad to have found this site... I have in a short time found it to be a wealth of information...

 however I am wondering what other support resources other parents are using...

I am the mother of 3 girls, my older 2 are both involved in sports (the youngest is only 2)

my girls primarily play soccer... my oldest is on a travel team and my middle daughter will likely join that team in the fall (they are 10 & 7)

we are also trying out a couple of other recreation programs (softball, basketball, golf and swimming)

I know you are thinking this is really a lot...but the girls LOVE soccer ... and I want to expose them to other sports just to make sure that soccer really is their LOVE...

just to be clear, my goals in having my girls play sports is not for fame and fortune... but for the amazing benefits that sports provide for girls... I want them to learn about aiming high (not settling for good enough) and taking risks

sorry this has gotten long...

my real question is what other support resources have you found?

as we have moved up the ranks out of recreation soccer into a competitive club environment I have noticed the once supportive relationships of my fellow team moms to be shifting... after all, even though our daughters are on the same team currently, they will be competing for a space on the next age level team in the fall

so how do you navigate those relationships (including protecting the kids from the drama)?

and where else do you find support when the team parent support network breaks down?