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athlete with cancer...coaches don't want liability of her playing????

Our daughter has gone a round with cancer in the last year--just as she entered high school volleyball...her health is good but we do travel away fairly often for scans and care which creates alot of misinformation and gossip about her status. Our daughter's coaches are under tremendous pressure to play some of the girls who have insistant parents, regardless of their child's ability. They seem to cave to this pressure and the result is that our daughter sits and her "perceived" health is used as a convenient excuse. The team is suffering by all this--not just our daughter. We also wonder if there is some liability issue lurking or that has been planted in the minds of these coaches..?

Does anyone have experience with a child w/disability or illness? Anyone here who has sought a legal remedy? How would we go about this?

BTW--we have the same coaches for school and club ball. It's a small town. The athletic director is one of our coaches dearest friends so we have no recourse there.

Who are the oversight entities for high school sports beyond my town? How do I figure out who these are for club?

Thanks for any advice...appreciate