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Profantity by Coaches

At what point does a parent step in and say, "enough is enough." I have a highschool football player, who is one of, if not the best player on his Varsity team. In films the other day, the coach broke down each play and critized him for everything that went wrong on the offensive side of the ball. He was call a "pussy" and not sure what else, but know it was bad. I even got an e-mail from one of the players mom's asking me if my son was ok. Another parent also told me that her when her son came home, he told her the same thing about the coach. It's pretty sad that it has to be this way in sports. My son has a chance at a Division 1 scholorship, so I am afraid to address this situation with the school, but know this conduct can't be allowed to happen or continue.
Any suggestions?