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Help with being the mother of a player and the wife of an assistant coach

I need some advice on how to handle the stress, and politics involved with being a parent of a player and the wife of one of the assistant coaches on a little league football team.

Its hard not being able to voice your concerns with out causing conflict with my husband coaching with it comes to playing time of my son compaired to other children. Othe parents can complain and there child see more playing time but I'm expected to just keep my mouth shut and smile and nod. Not just by my husband but by the other parents/coaches. IN the same aspect my husband as well as other coaches are being asked to sit out on the side lines or off the side lines if one parent has a small complaint about coaching style, the amouth of time there child is put in for play (these coaches are on the off. or Def. side of the team coaching) but the head coach makes the final decision on who goes in for each play anyway. It has added a lot of stress to what should be a very fun enjoyable time. Its like if you complain enough even if not valid the coach is punnished. One of the other coaches was theatened by not being able to coach again and his son not being allowed to play again due to unsubstanciated claimes. These are not accusation of inappopreat touching or somthing of that nature is just parents not seeing the winning plays etc. that the want and then the coach is sidelined. Help