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I've coached both boys and girls teams for several years. One thing I've noticed is that families of boys will make a commitment to be at just about all of the games, vacations will be scheduled after the season or around the schedule. Girls families will just pick up and take off at any point during the season, even at tournament time.
Case in point, at our end of the season U-12 softball tournament, 3 of the teams in our league forfeited their tournament games because they didn't have enough players. Kids were gone on vacation/ camps, etc.
I think this continues to tell us the priority that is placed on girls sports vs. boys by today's parents. Many of these parents are still from generations where girls sports were nothing special. This tells our girls that they are not as important as boys sports, especially when schedules are changed for sons and not daughters.
My point is that in the order of importance, boys will come and play / practice when scheduled, girls sometimes will still just come when they have nothing else to do.
Do you have some of these same issues?