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Coach abused my wife when she was young

I was looking into things about this subject, and it hit close to home with me. My wife has experienced many bizarre things while she was a gymnast, most of her life. Everything which happened to her started at the age of 13, and dealt with her gymnastic coaches. It went on into her early 20's, but it wasn't her fault. They preyed upon her, knew she was weak emotionally, she found out that these guys have done this many times before her, and while "with" her. It's all very disturbing. Have you ever put any pressure on the United States Gymnastics organization? If you go to there web site, you see all these coaches who have had there memberships revoked, but it doesn't give the reason. The one I know of, who my wife had known, is on this list. And I know why for him, but the list is long. The creepy thing is, that this scumbag still has a gym, works with another coach who is just as scummy, and they run a overnight camp, which is disturbing to me. The sad thing is her parents had no idea this was happening to her. She is now getting help, and her former gymnast's, who as well went through this, are finally trying to do something about it. Look into it please. There are so many others that this could be happening to . Thanks for your time.