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Coach is Threatening kids

hello, I am trying to find out what laws protect kids from coaches in public schools. My 15 yr. old daughter plays softball. Her coach uses the f-word and g-d word in front of the girls. He also salutes the other teams with the middle finger as they are traveling to away games. He told the girls that if they told their parents they would be kicked off the team. My daughter just recently got kicked off the team for taking the ACT test. She told her coach she would not be @ the game a week prior to the game. He called her the day of game, told her she wouldn't play next year and hung up on her. She was not a starting player. She was a runner for a starting player. I am trying to set up appointment with Athletic director and school counselor now and have not been called back yet by Athletic director. Do you know what I can do? Thanks for any and all advice,