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Home Team Advantage: The Critical Role of Mothers in Youth Sports

by Brooke de Lench
Home Team Advantage Over the past decade, the stakes in youth sports have reached startling heights; the pressure to win often eclipses the desire to have fun. Sports injuries have increased tenfold; aggression on and off the field-between kids, parents, and coaches-is at a fever pitch; and drug and alcohol use among young athletes is on the rise. While there are plenty of books that help the best-intentioned parent, most of them are written by men, for men. They do not address concerns specific to mothers, nor empower them to confidently step onto the out-of-control playground to assume whatever role they choose - spectator, advocate, administrator, coach, fund-raiser, or team mom. More
Featured Book

Breaking the Ice: My Journey to Olympic Hockey, The Ivy League & Beyond

by Angela Ruggiero
Breaking the Ice

A perfect gift book for preteen and teen female athlete.

As a 1998 gold medalist in women's hockey, one of the NCAA's top scholar-athletes during the 2003-2004 school year and the first female nongoalie to play in a men's professional hockey league in 2005 with the Tulsa Oilers, Ruggiero is in an excellent position to comment on the current state of women's hockey. More
Parenting Male Athletes

The Men They Will Become

by Eli Newberger, M.D.
Book Cover Eli Newberger, M.D., one of this country's most distinguished pediatricians and experts on family development, brings decades of experience and insight to our society; parents raising sons, coaches coaching boys. In riveting stories, both heartwarming and heartrending, he shows boys facing the harsh challenges that forge or break character: cheating, bullying, dealing with drugs, alcohol, and competition. Read Full Story
Health and Safety

The Sports Medicine Bible: Prevent, Detect, and Treat Your Sports Injuries through the Latest Medical Techniques

Lyle J. Micheli with Mark Jenkins
Image Guide to injury prevention and treatment in recreational sports focusing on overuse injuries and emphasizing strength and flexibility as the keys to injury prevention. Sections organized by body part outline symptoms of overuse, causes, rehabilitation, and recovery time, illustrated with black and white drawings. Discussions center on nutrition, stretching exercises, early return to motion after injuries, proper equipment and footwear, and special issues for female athletes. More Health And Safety Books
Health and Safety

The Awakening of a Surgeon: One Doctor's Journey to Fight the System and Empower Your Community

Dr. David H. Janda
(Sleeping Bear Press, 2001)
The Awakening Of A Surgeon Groundbreaking, enlightening, and riveting, The Awakening of a Surgeon is a thoughtful telling of one man's determined belief in the power of change. More on this book

The Beautiful Game: Sixteen Girls and the Soccer Season That Changed Everything

Jonathan Littman
(Morrow,William & Co, 1999)
Image Interesting glimpse into the world of an Under 14 girls select soccer team in Northern California and their young woman coach. More Soccer Books

Raising a Team Player: Teaching kids lasting values on the field, on the court and on the bench

Harry Sheehy, Danny Peary,
Foreword by Joe Torre
Image From The Publisher: For every parent who's ever flinched at the sound of a coach screaming at their child, leapt to their feet in outrage at the sight of one young player provoking another, silently despaired as an otherwise promising young athlete stormed in tears from the playing field, or watched sadly as a youngster overwhelmed by the pressures of the game sank slowly into discouragement, Raising a Team Player offers hope, perspective, and life tested wisdom. More Coaching Books
Parenting Female Athletes

Coming on Strong: Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Women's Sport

Susan K. Cahn
Image Analysis of how gender and sexuality have been viewed over the past 90 years in women's sports. Includes chapters on discrimination against black women in sports and the lesbian stigma attached to female athletes. The author contends that society's preoccupation with preserving feminine beauty has limited opportunities for female athletes. Drawing on historical records and contemporary interviews, she chronicles the remarkable transformation made by women's sports in the 20th century, revealing the struggles faced by women to overcome social constraints and behavior codes, and how sport has changed their lives. One reviewer termed the book "the single best history of American women's sports ever written." More Parenting Female Athletes

Play Hard, Eat Right; A Parents' Guide to Sports Nutrition for Children

Debbi Sowell Jennings, Suzanne Nelson
(Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated, 1995)
Image Expert nutrition and health advice that will help keep your child in the game whether it's training for a big track meet, rehearsing for tomorrow's dance recital, or playing a casual backyard game of catch, your child's athletic performance, development, and growth depend largely on eating the right foods. This is a favorite nutrition book of MomsTeam. More Nutrition Books
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