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Moms Madness: Will You Join My Team?

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I recently received an email asking for prayers for Coach Brad, a coach I know through the local basketball league. Coach Brad underwent his second surgery to remove a tumor that emerged only weeks after a clean PET scan.  The news of the tumor was disheartening to his family and the many of us who have fought the battle against cancer.  I lost my husband to cancer seven years ago and in the wake of that devastating event  there emerged to me a clear call to action:  Barbara, DO SOMETHING!  And I did.

I made a choice to honor his coaching legacy through a sport he loved:  youth basketball.  I organized a league wide, 3 on 3 basketball and hot shot tournament. The Mark Bleiweis Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament served 100 teams, 500 kids, and ran for four consecutive seasons.  While we raised money for cancer awareness, more importantly, we created an annual event that focussed on kids having fun... which was, after all, what Coach Mark believed in.  

Coach Brad is a lot like Coach Mark. I met him during the 3rd season of the tournament where he was a late entry with two teams of Grade 4 and 5 boys.  I know what he and his family are going through and I feel that same inner fire to DO SOMETHING. I want to do more than pray for Coach Brad and his family and  I want to do something for all the coaches out there who love basketball and coach their kids in the sport and the game of life.

This is a casting call for all moms out there willing to join me in the creation of a Moms Madness 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament to honor coaches in your community like Coach Brad and Coach Mark.  I will work with you and share all materials, processes, rules, brackets, EVERYTHING, to create a superior tournament experience that is financially sound and FUN for our kids. Together we can achieve something very special for the coaches who make a difference in our lives.  If you want to be on my team, email me at barbarableiweis@yahoo.com