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Sexual Non-Conformity In Sports: Are All Men Straight And All Women Gay?

Despite progress in women's and LGBT rights, the way the mainstream media portrays non-conforming or sexually ambiguous athletes has not changed much in three decades, argues a leading expert on gender in sport, citing the treatment of Olympic athletes Caster Semenya (left) and Johnnie Weir.

London Olympics: Celebrating Athletes And Their Moms

Watching 12 hours of Olympic coverage every day gives one Texas sports mom a chance to learn from lots of dedicated sports moms, and grandmums, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Doping In Sports: Time For An Honest Conversation

The controversy surrounding the Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, who won a gold medal this week in the 400 Individual Medley, has every news show buzzing about whether she is doping. A two-time Olympic track cyclist weighs in.

Watching The Olympics: Making It Fun and Educational For Kids

A two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom of two young children talks about how parents can make watching the London Olympics with their kids a fun and educational experience.
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