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Kids With Chronic Illnesses Can Play Sports, Too

Do you have or have you had a child participating in sports who was or is HIV positive or has some other chrronic medical condition, such hepatitis or Type I diabetes? Has your child been infected with MRSA as a result of his participation in sports? The Infections and Chronic Illness Center will be a place for sharing information on these important topics. We hope you will share what you know with other MomsTeam parents, coaches and club or league administrators. Remember: this is your community!


How to use this center: Select the topic of interest from the box on the left. If you do not see an article on the topic you are looking for once on the topics landing page, please e mail us your request or ask the other members of the MomsTeam community to help by clicking on the Forums tab at the top of the page and posing your question in the appropriate forum (or starting a new one!). Another great place to look for information is in our blog section. We also invite you to submit articles, or, if you are a health professional specializing in treating children with HIV, hepatitis, diabetes, or MRSA, we would love to have you become a MomsTeam expert!

Together, we can make the youth sports experience a safe and enjoyable one for parents and their children with chronic illness or disease!