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The Games Our Kids Play

It used to be that kids had a limited number of sports or activities to choose from when they were growing up. These days children and their parents can choose from a dizzying array of sports and activities in which to participate - from traditional team sports like football, basketball, baseball and soccer - to extreme sports like bouldering, BMX biking, parasailing.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive information on each of the over one hundred sports and activities from which kids can choose these days: advice on the equipment needed and how to buy it, a primer on that sport or activity, and videos and advice from experts, parents, and sporting goods manufacturers.

But to do that, MomsTeam need your help. If you are parent of a child who has participated in one of these sports, we hope you will share what you have learned with other MomsTeam parents. Please consider writing a blog, contributing an article, posting on and/or hosting a Forum, or becoming a MomsTeam expert.

If you know of someone who used to play or coach the sport at any level, but especially the elite level, who has knowledge to share, ask him or her to join. Together we can make MomsTeam a true community of sports parents!

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-Brooke de Lench, Founder & Editor-in-Chief