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Summer Camp Worries: ID Bracelets Can Help

By Shelly Fisher  

"Mom, can I go away to camp this summer?" It is easy to feel like all the bases are covered when you send your child away to school; you know the teachers, the location of the school, and most of the other children.

On  the other hand, summer camp can come with a whole new set of worries and concerns for any parent (although your child will be sure to remind you time and time again that "all their friends are going!"

So why not compromise in a way that puts your mind at ease while at the same time giving your little one something cool to show off at camp with an identification bracelet designed especially for summer camp - not just for a medical condition (if your child has one) but also as a way of keeping your child, well, identified. 

Hope Paige medical identification bracelet

Confidence (Mom Comfort Word #1)

  • Knowing who to call: One worry a parent has when their child goes off to summer camp is always how will they know who to call if something happens? Will they be able to access my number? By having your child wear an ID bracelet you can eliminate these concerns while they are out and about. 
  • Keeping counselors in the loop: Keep the counselors in the loop by letting them know that your child will be wearing an ID bracelet before they leave for camp and they can help by making sure the bracelet stays on. Also, it will allow them to be aware of your child's information without having to flip through any paperwork.
  • Adding to the fun: You can make it a fun experience for you and your child by letting them be the one to pick out their bracelet; that way you know they will really want to wear it, and all the while you have a sense of security knowing they are safe. 

Safety (Mom Comfort Word #2)

How many parents have been asked by their child, "Do I have to wear a helmet when I ride my bike?" It's a question most of us expect to hear on the first day of summer break and can answer easily: "Yes, you do, because I just want to make sure that you are safe and covered in case anything happens." 

As parents, we always hope that nothing happens, but in the event that reality decides to check in and a foot slips off the pedal, it feels great to know you did everything you could to protect your child.

But when your child's pediatrician or school nurse suggests that your child wear an medical ID bracelet, it can be a little more difficult to understand. There are plenty of questions you may have; and you can bet your child will have plenty as well, the biggest one, of course, being, "Why?"

The answers are pretty straightforward: 

  • Wearing a Medical ID bracelet allows you to protect your child from an improper diagnosis or inform a first responder about potential allergies or medical issues. 
  • Emergency Medical Technicians are trained to look for medical ID jewelry in the event of an emergency medical situation; the jewelry gives them the information they need if it cannot be communicated to them directly by you or your child.
  • Even if your child doesn't have a medical condition, ID bracelets give you a place to put your phone number where it won't be lost. If there is an emergency, you can be contacted immediately. Also, if your daughter or son is a situation where they need to reach you, they have your phone number right there on their wrist; so no more worrying if they memorized it. 
So whether your child has a medical condition or is heading out for their first camping adventure; don't let the worry get the best of you. With an identification product you can cover your precious cargo, while they chase down the summer sun.
Shelly Fisher, President & CEO, Hope Paige medical

Shelly Fisher, President & CEO of Hope Paige medical ID accessories, is a consummate entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience, having founded and operated two other companies before starting Medical ID Marketplace. She has been active in various organizations, including Ronald McDonald House Charities, Make a Wish Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Syracuse University, The Philadelphia Challenge Cup, and Relay for Life. When Shelly isn't at the Hope Paige offices, she enjoys spending time with her husband, three kids and five dogs.



Posted May 1, 2013