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Hubba Hubba Hawaiian Pork: A Team Party Crowd Pleaser

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One of the joys of being a team mom and loving to cook is the opportunity to host and plan the team party. I was fortunate enough to have a home large enough to host a small crowd so I would take ownership of planning the event, the menu and the start time. One of my favorite dishes to prepare is Hawaiian Pulled-Pig, aka Kahlua Pig.  It takes about 4 hours to cook, but is guaranteed to bring smiles, satisy big appetites, and make your kids happy to eat leftovers the next day-- presuming any of it is left!

I prepared Hawaiian Pulled Pork for a team party the first winter my son played travel basketball.  The team name was The Hubba-Hubba's because the coach would shout, "Hubba! Hubba!" from the sidelines to encourage his kids and vocalize his approval of their hustle and intensity on the court.  Hence, I call this dish, Hubba Hubba Hawaiian Pork!  Serve this tender and fragrant  meal with our without Kings Hawaiian rolls.   BBQ sauce can also be offered for those who like to add some extra spice!


4- 5 lb. pork butt

2 whole bananas, unpeeled

1/2 c liquid smoke

1 cup water

2 T kosher salt

Heavy duty aluminum foil

aluminum roasting pan


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Line aluminum roasting pan with large, double, sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil.  The pan will serve as the roaster and serving dish. Use aluminum foil sheets long enough to completely encase pork for roasting, after ingredients are added.

sprinkle pork with Kosher salt

Pour liquid smoke over pork liberally ( add more if you want. You cannot over season with liquid smoke)

Pour in water

Place whole unpeeled bananas on each side of pork butt

Seal pork securely ensuring no liquid can seep out.

Cook for 4 hours.

When done, remove roasting pan, carefully unseal pork, let steam escape.

Remove the bananas and discard

Take a fork and gently flake or pull the pork apart, making it ready to serve.

I use the unwrapped aluminum foil and roaster pan as my serving dish, because its easy to do so.

Smile and acknowledge the oohs, ahhs.  Wink