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How To Start A Blog/Create Blog Entries On Youth Sports Parents

As a registered visitor you can start making blog entries with absolutely no set up,  by taking the following steps:

  • Log in.
  • Go to "Create Content" on the right side menu
  • Click on "Blog Entry"
  • Complete the following red-starred fields of the "Submit a Blog Entry" template
    • Title (all initial caps, please)
    • Channel: Select a channel you feel is appropriate for the subject of your blog post.
    • Center: Select the appropriate Center from the drop down menu.
    • Topic:  Select a topic from the drop down menu. 
    • Once you have classified your blog entry the site's content management system will automatically populate your blog entry in the listing of entries under that topic and your blog page.  Youth Sports Parents's editors may also select the entry to feature elsewhere on the site. generate to increase visibility of your log to other users interested in the topic of your blog entry.
    • Either type in text into the quot;Body" (using the rich text editor provided) or, if you prefer, cut and paste from a Word document, but if you cut and paste:
      • First cut and paste the text on a Notepad document,
      • Second, click on the icon for Paste as Plain Text (a small clipboard with the letter "T") in the bottom row of the editing tools under Body,
      • Paste in the text from the Notepad document into the window.
      • Clicking on Insert, which then closes the orphan window and sends you back to the Blog Entry form.
  • Remember that the rich-text editor makes blogging a breeze and has a lot of features that users can add to style their blogs without needing to know any HTML (click here to learn more).
  • Remember also to spell check your entry by clicking on the ABC checkmark icon to activitate the spell-checker.
  • To insert an image from the web into your blog click on the image icon (green tree, first icon at the far left of the second row) (Note: we will add a generic image to your blog unless you select one of your own)
    • Insert the image URL (must be on the web; can't be downloaded from your hard drive) and give the image a title;
    • Click on Appearance. If you want to give the image a caption, or if you want to flush it left or right so that the text of your blog entry wraps around it or to the side, select from the drop down menu to the right of "Class."
    • Click on Insert the image icon (green tree) to insert the image into the body of your blog entry.  
      • To create links to other web pages (such as articles in newspapers, etc.) 
      • Highlight the language in the body of the entry that you want to link,
      • Click on the link icon (chain link icon, third from right, top row in rich text editor)
      • Insert the URL of the web page you want to link to
      • Click submit, which will return you to the body of your blog entry form. When you submit the blog entry for publication, the link should be live. 
  • Click the "Submit" button. Remember:
    Because blog entries are immediately published to the web, make sure
    that you are happy with the content of your entry before you click
    submit. You will be able, however, to edit your entry once it gets
    published, or even delete it, but better to get it right the first time
    than having to have to do a lot of extra work after it has hit the web.
  • Once you see your blog entry posted, look at the About Me block on the right.  If you click on "View My Profile" and then on "Edit" you can add a biography in the "Intro Text" block and scroll down to upload a photo to appear with your blog.