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The benefit of sports

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I'm assisting my friends in our youth baseball league with a benefit. One of the coaches for another team, in fact a rival team to ours, was seriously injured in a work accident. He has been in the hospital for the past two weeks and continues to work hard at recovery and recuperation.

When my son and his teammates were asked if they would want to play one more tournament - even though they officially had ended their season - there was no pause. Two wonderful emotional joys converged. One emotion sprang from the joy of getting to play more baseball. Who can be sad about that? The second came from a deeper, more reserved place, the thought of raising money for a family in need.

How good is it when life offers you the opportunity to do something that is of vital importance, form and strengthen community bonds, assist those in need, AND get to play baseball?

I hope all the pieces fall into place for this tournament. Some families had planned their vacations already, so some kids might be able to be there. There are a few things still needing to fall in place. The benefit is kind of being "organized" on the fly. The life lessons this affords to the kids who play will be valuable. Most of them will not make it to the big leagues. But all will have opportunity to give unconditionally to others in need.

How cool is that?