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MomsTEAM Honored By NCAA and Department of Defense For Winning Grant Proposal

Multi-Media Educational Intervention Designed To Create Safe Concussion Reporting Environment


Concord, MA.  On Friday, February 5, 2016, MomsTEAM Institute Executive Director Brooke de Lench and Senior Editor and Director of Research Lindsey Barton Straus accepted the award of an NCAA-Department of Defense Mind Matters Challenge education grant during a luncheon at the NCAA national headquarters in Indianapolis.  

Lindsey Straus and Brooke de Lench accepting Mind Matters Challenge grant award

MomsTEAM and the other five winners of education grants recognized by the NCAA and Department of Defense were joined at the ceremony by eight winners of the NCAA-DoD Mind Matters Research Challenge, each of which will receive a $400,000 award to fund research designed to improve the understanding of how to spur changes in the culture surrounding concussion drawn from a field of 22 finalists announced in July 2015. (to learn more about the research challenge winners, click here

joint NCAA-DOD initiative announced in November 2014, the Mind Matters Challenge includes $7 million in funding focuses on two important areas related to concussion: Changing Attitudes about Concussions in Young and Emerging Adults (a research challenge); and Educational Programs Targeting Young and Emerging Adults (an educational programs challenge).

The day-long event included an afternoon session in which de Lench and representatives of the other 13 winners made 5 minute PowerPoint presentations and answered questions about their projects.

With the grant funds MomsTEAM is creating a multi-media concussion education intervention designed to create an environment in which student-athletes are not penalized, ostracized, or criticized for honestly reporting their own concussion symptoms as well as those of teammates but are actually encouraged to do so.

About MomsTEAM and MomsTEAM Institute

Launched in August 2000, MomsTeam.com has grown over the years, both in terms of content and reputation, to more than 10,000 + pages of information for youth sports parents and has become the most trusted source of sports parenting information, widely recognized as one of, if not the, top websites of its kind.

MomsTeam Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization launched in November 2013 to continue and expand on MomsTEAM's fifteen-year mission of providing comprehensive, well-researched information to youth sports parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and other health care professionals about all aspects of the youth sports experience.