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Prevention and Treatment of Hand Injuries

Kids are especially susceptible to hand injuries while playing sports.

Here are some prevention and treatment tips:


  • Develop strength in the muscles that support the hand through strength conditioning, resistance training and sports-specific training of the entire upper extremity and core. While there are many muscles that control the movement of the hands, pay particular attention to the muscles responsible for spreading the fingers and pulling them together. Exercise: Place a rubber band around your thumb and the finger of your choice. Straighten and release 10 times for each finger and repeat for 3 sets.


  • A fractured finger will take approximately 3-4weeks to heal.
  • During this time the finger should be put in a splint to immobilize the joints.
  • Gentle physical therapy can be conducted after 3 weeks.
  • Increased physical therapy can be conducted at the discretion of your child's doctor.
  • The healed bone should return to approximately 95% strength in 3 months.
  • As with all injuries, rehabilitation should be conducted under the supervision of your child's doctor.

Dr. Mark Pruzansky is an orthopedic surgeon in New York City and head of the HandSport Surgery Institute.